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For sale ~

Hey Everyone :D

Selling my PVC statue of Rukia Kuchiki and Kon. Its in great condition, however it is missing the box it came in. Here's a quick picture of it:

ListingCollapse )

SORRY! I only accept PayPal and ship within U.S

Wow, I have not posted an entry for nearly 2 weeks? But I promise I have a couple of interesting stories to talk about here..

I was waiting at a stoplight, and the djs on the radio station told this story about a woman who lived in Utah (Miss

kaeru_chan, have you heard of this?) who got locked IN her car. She called 911 and the police over.  When they came, the only way they communicated was through their cell phones.  Basically, the police gave step-by-step instructions on how to manually unlock her car.  It was so hilariously sad. 

Lab was interesting, it was so crowded with other studends. We all stopped for a second because of a loud popping sound, turned out a girl ripped up the plastic venting hoods -_-.  Spent about 2-3 hours there, at least a little ahead *accomplished* D: still not enough time for me though.

The Bio lab exam was TOO bad, but the genetics questions still irk me.  I still don't get that material. Overall anyway, I think I did fine :)

Anyway, when I got home, I started the laundry and used up the rest of the powdered detergent.  When I went out to toss it in the recycling bin, it was already nearly full. I didn't want to make the lid stick out so I had this short epic adventure trying to open out and flatten the detergent box. See, me (a skinny, not-so-strong girl) vs. a really sturdy detergent box = not cool XD; )

I know its a couple days late, but Happy June, dont let the gloom bring you down :D

Wednesday & Thursday: Work on  some Calc III homework, go see Prof for some questions, etc..

Oh! Potluck and fun times this coming friday.  Then, the weekend is time to start hitting up the books, for it is finals week (minus Monday) come June 10.  You guys who go under the semester system have already started, are you guys enjoying it so far? My brain's already in vacation mode, >_< not good!!


oh HAIL yes.

the awesome called rain :D it all started about an hour before my night class started, it would have been awesome if it continued on. Anyway, this is a nice break from the 90~100deg weather we've had the past few days :D

This is what I found when I got home:

Time to relaaaa~ax :)


the heat is on ~

you know when the heat is coming up when the nose gets stuffy. well..me mainly~

anyway, i just had a really long morning.  ochem exam #2 (multiple choice SUCKS.). spent most of my lab period STILL on my 1st unknown test (my solid). i found out that after my second attempt at guessing what the darned thing was, lab teacher told me that my melting point range was wayy off -_-.  my friend and i seriously checked literally 5-6 times on the stupid melting point machine (after she told me i was almost DEAD ON the first time).  so she gave me a freebie on my second attempt since she gave me wrong info.  i donno, someone from the stockroom or something seriously messed up =/. i am still frustrated on that right now.

eh. so i have to face my chem advisor to check on how im doing.  shouldnt take too long !

not sure if playing tennis in ~100deg weather will be fun XD We're opting for heading to the movies !

=_= time for bed.

the girl made it by a hair o:

 6:49 AM....

I heard the door bell ring. Freaked out that I woke up REALLY LATE.  I leaped off bed, answered the door to see my bf stand there. XD;  We didn't leave my house until 7:05, so that left us with less than an hour to drive 45+ minutes to campus. Luckily, by the time we got there, teacher didn't start lecture yet. GOT SUPER LUCKY! 

Lab was a huge pain in the back end.  For the rest of the quarter we're supposed to figure out what exactly we got when we we're given a solid, liquid, and a mix.  I'm still on my solid because come wednesday, i have to do some titrating *woe*.  Only 4 more weeks of this...think happy thoughts...


[] o-chem exam #2
[] advising session with faculty ~10 am
[] bio paper ?

arrrg i just hit a blank right now. NOT COOL. you know what, ill just stop here. ill update later D: 

a ringing in my ears XD

       mariokart wii friend code: 2148.8780.2637

So if you guys are ever in the mood to play, come online and let's race ! :D 

There's an air show going on in the military base nearby. Jets have been zipping by all day. 8D Fun to watch~ 

Nothing interesting going on really, i've been working on labs and write ups. But there's still Calc III homework to go over before exam I. I have to remember that I have to lift the hold on my Fall o8 registration by talking to my advisor.  Fall is going to be pretty busy~ 4 chem classes and 1 easy class o:

Friday was pretty fun.  We didn't play tennis this week, but we all ended up playing board games.  Apples to Apples, Cranium, and Munchkins were the picks. 

Its surprisingly warm right now.  I need to grab a drink !!


~ !

I just read an article on Google about the food shortage (especially increase in rice, etc) and I remembered my mom last week really surprised at the huge jump on how much a 50lb bag was, plus the limit that Costco had (they limited each customer 1 bag, but they were always out whenever we were there). So mom decided to go to one of the lesser known food markets and buy the 20lb bags.

Its all crazy..this shortage might last until next season ^-^;

I'm bored :P still in bio lecture atm but should be done in half an hour or so~


my stuffyness~

I need to turn on my air conditioning after this, im starting to suffocate D:

So what's been up with me lately? Well, nothing really. This past weekend was nothing but laboratory write-ups for both my bio and chem classes ^-^;. Since the majority of my O-chem class obviously bombed the first exam, she's making us do an extra credit exam starting at 7:30 am. This means having to leave early again and praying that traffic cooperates.

Stupid me didn't know that exam for bio was THIS WEEK not next. Oh well~ So now I have to study for two exams, finish up Calc III homework, and Ochem online assignments D: *woes* But I think I should be ok for bio since I pretty much attended all of the lectures and notes. All I have to do is read through XD

Ahh thank you air conditioning~ ♥

Something for you guys to get at least some good laughs :D

Apr. 17th, 2008

 I ALMOST missed my 8 AM class this morning, because some guy thought that itd be fun to hold up traffic on the 60/215 interchange THEREFORE creating a much longer wait in rush hour than usual D:  Really pisses me off -_-

It took me about 3-4 hours along with the help of 3 of my friends to finish my Calc III homework.  My brain started to hurt as soon as I was a few problems away.  The lecture was just soo much information to know and apply like this one:  

Let f(x) be continuous, decreasing, and positive for x ³ 1.

k = 1
f(k) converges if and only if ò¥
f(x)dx converges

This is just one of many rules to know.  I just wish he did more better examples rather than so much proof and theory...

Ugh, my head is on [ off ] position now.  I need sleep.

Stuff for thsi weekend:

[] buy food for next week
[] relaa~ax &hearts;

"she had minus 1 sips !!"

Still sore :( My body hurts like hell right now, seriously!

The other day, I was in a rush and I quickly ran down the steps.  As soon as I reached the last couple, I slipped, hit my elbow on the railing, and landed flat on my butt. <-- All of that while still clinging to my laptop *ded*. I have this bruise on my elbow a day after ^-^; 

I really need more sleep.

Today was fun.  My friends and I got together to play tennis...WHILE BRAVING THE WINDS.  It was exhausting, but good fun :D A few funny dancing moments in between, water fights...oh yeah, an awesome day :D   

thing to do tomorrow night:

[] lab report on synthesis of cyclopentadiene
[] calc III section 9.2 homework
[] print out chapter 3 bio notes

Now, I am super exhausted.  Time for bee~ed !



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